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Board: 2020 Vision

The Vision is a high performance twin tip that is classified as an aggressive freeride crossover board. You get great edge control, as well as pop and hold for learning new aerial maneuvers and it has a crazy-light feel.

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WAKESTYLE......................2020 Refraction

Board: 2020 Refraction

A wakestyle/freestyle/freeride crossover board, designed for maximum boost, load and pop and aggressive riding in all conditions. As the signature model for Slingshot team rider, innovator extraordinaire and English gentleman, Sam Light, the REFRACTION is designed to be the one board he can kick ass with, no matter where his exploits take him. NEW for 2020, we added a 147cm size for larger/heavier riders or those who prefer more surface area beneath their feet.

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2020 Karolina Pro

Board: 2020 Karolina Pro

The signature model of jet-setting shredder Karolina Winkowska, this twin tip is the answer to her need for a single high-performance board she can take anywhere and feel at home with no matter what conditions she encounters. From sessions with her friends in Poland, photoshoots in Brazil to competing on the world tour and the Triple-S Invitational, the KW PRO is the only board she takes along for the ride. With medium rocker and flex, it can hold its own in chop and swell just as well as flat water freestyle, wake style and cable parks.

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ALL ROUND..................2020 Misfit

Board: 2020 Misfit

The all NEW 2020 MISFIT features a new outline and a NEW tip and tail profile. This new outline reduces board drag as well as giving it a smoother release from the water. With a new tip and tail profile, riders will experience less spray in the face and more forgiving landings when learning new tricks. Still featuring a space age hybrid Koroyd & wood core, the new 2020 MISFIT is rewriting the formula of the progressive freeride twin tip.

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FREESTYLE................2020 Asylum

Board: 2020 Asylum

NEW for 2020, we added a tip-to-tail carbon stringer to give the Asylum’s already lively wood core even more dynamic flex, spring and pop off the water. A hard-charging freestyle favorite with super hero grip and pop. This is a performance board loaded with high-tech design features and is best suited for aggressive riders who like to go big, ride fully powered and push their limits in the name of progression.

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Board: 2020 Converter

Foil or fins- the Converter 5’4” is a hybrid surfboard equipped with an adjustable foil mount and a three-fin FCSll configuration. This two-in-one setup is a no-brainer for traveling and has the familiar surfboard feel that many foilers appreciate.

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LIGHT WIND2020 Glide

Board: 2020 Glide

The Glide is a light wind master. It features a new trapezoidal tip and tail, which increases the effective edge of the board in the water without increasing the overall size and cumbersome nature of a longer board.

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FREERIDE2020 Crisis

Board: 2020 Crisis

The Crisis is the perfect board for beginner to intermediate kiteboarders looking for maximum riding comfort and freeride fun.

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Board: Widowmaker
• Carbon-hybrid board packed with cutting-edge technology 
• By far the lightest board on our lineup 
• Stiff and fast, carves upwind like a dream 
• Aggressive channeling increases grip and tracking 
• All-around cruiser the connoisseur of fine rides

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WAVE...............2020 Celero FR

Board: 2020 Celero FR

Returning for 2020 the CELERO FR is ENTIRELY NEW AND REBUILT.  Designed for versatility and reliability in all conditions, from underpowered and mushy to shore pound, rolling river swell, high-speed down winders and overhead man eaters. NEW for 2020, we updated the rails for a slightly more parallel outline, which translates to a bit more upwind drive and pop for aerials. We also changed to a squash tail, giving the CELERO FR more lift and low-end drive and a looser feel. This is the all-around, one board quiver our lineup.  For 2020, all Slingshot surfboards feature new construction that makes them significantly lighter and gives a more connected surfboard feel while maintaining the durability needed to stand up to the sport of kitesurfing. 

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2020 Tyrant

Board: 2020 Tyrant

Completely redesigned for 2020, the Tyrant is the hard-charging wave slayer in our lineup designed for riders who want a board they can charge down the line and lock into high-speed turns. A classic shortboard shape, slender outline and rounded squash tail give the Tyrant a sharp, snappy feel and the locked-in drive you want when committing to bigger, faster, more critical waves. For 2020, all Slingshot surfboards feature new construction that makes them significantly lighter and gives a more connected surfboard feel while maintaining the durability needed to stand up to the sport of kitesurfing.

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HYDRO FOIL...............Ghost Whisper 111

Board: Ghost Whisper 111

You’re ready for this foil when you can foil with confidence. All the time and energy you spent to get this far will have been worth it. It’s fast. Wicked Fast. Blow your buddies off the water fast. The Ghost Whisper 111 is a finely tuned foil designed specifically for efficiency, high-speed and long-distance performance. When you get this foil, get a GPS device. Trust us, your friends will want proof of how fast and far you actually rode.

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2020 Dwarf Craft

Board: 2020 Dwarf Craft

A compact freeride foil board for riders who learned on a longer, higher-volume setup and are ready for a new challenge and something more agile and responsive. While not strictly for advanced riders, it’s best suited for people who have their footwork and transitions fairly well dialed first.

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WAVE...............2020 Mixer

Board: 2020 Mixer

NEW for 2020, The Mixer features new construction that makes it significantly lighter and gives a more connected surfboard feel while maintaining bomber durability needed to stand up to the sport of kitesurfing. Upgraded to a five-fin configuration, riders can now swap between the faster, more responsive and looser feel of a quad-fin setup or the traditional, locked-in feel of a three-fin thruster. Now with a NEW winged rounded pin tail, the Mixer is going to provide a looser feel and enable smooth turns while keeping speed for bigger waves.

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FOIL2020 Hypermiller

Board: 2020 Hypermiller

A lightweight carbon board built for speed, distance, boosting and aggressive edging. This is a race-caliber board for foilers who ride a full-length mast with a light carbon foil and like long, fast lines, open water, big distances and fully-engaged angles.

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BEGINNER2020 Simulator

Board: 2020 Simulator

A larger, friendlier soft top, designed to make your journey into foiling as approachable and painless as possible. Use it as a learning or teaching tool, your forever board if you’re just a casual foiler or as a crossover set up in the surf or behind the boat.

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2020 Hover Glide FK V4

Board: 2020 Hover Glide FK V4

This foil package takes the guesswork out of finding a user-friendly and versatile freeride foil setup that you can learn on, progress with and enjoy for years to come. Equipped with the free-flowing Space Skate wing, this setup is super agile and carvy and surprisingly fast for its size.

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2020 Alien Air

Board: 2020 Alien Air

Our largest foil board by width and volume, the Alien Air is a stable and forgiving setup designed for user-friendly learning, casual cruising and easy progression, from a foiler’s first water starts to on-foil tacks, jibes and fancy footwork.

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WAVE...............2020 SCI-FLY

Board: 2020 SCI-FLY

New for 2020, the Sci-Fly is a modern short board designed for aerials and powered-up, progressive freeriding. A parallel rail outline helps with edging and load/pop off the water, while relative high rocker helps soften landings, helps prevent nose diving and gives the board a looser, skate-like feel. To aid in mid-air maneuvers, the Sci-Fly has top and bottom grab rails for easy grip and a chopped nose that reduces swing weight. A winged diamond tail gives the board plenty of back-end grip and a clean exit when releasing from the water.

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FCS 2 System

Board: FCS 2 System
FCS II setup allowing you to customize the ride to your conditions and riding style.

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ALL-ROUND ...............Crossbreed Airtech SUP

Board: Crossbreed Airtech SUP
• Slingshot’s signature inflatable SUP for all-around performance 
• Lightweight, super durable DropStitch construction 
• Portable and easy to store- fits in a backpack 
• Versatile shape great for kids, dogs, families, beginners, experts, parties 
• Hardboard performance- inflates to a firm 15-18psi

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